Framing Follows Foundation - Sept 2021

January 23, 2022
Every man builds on a foundation. Framing was headed up by Elwood Hochstetler of Rush River Construction in Fargo ND. Rich Shue and Glen Hochstetler from Florida donated several weeks in the fall. Glen Martin led the steel roofing and siding crews. Many local volunteers supported these men in this framing stage. Gary Wibe is heading up all electrical work. We are so grateful for the volunteers and skilled workers. During this work, Char Yoder coordinated many ladies from the community to bring in homemade lunch to the workers. High fives to everyone!
A big thank you to Legacy Cooperative from Bisbee, ND for donating the crane and operator for putting up the trusses!

Today lunch is provided by Jolene Shue and Danica Anderson

Trusses are being set with crane from Legacy Coop.

Lumber is lifted to the second story for inside framing.

Front entrance with Gym on the left and dorm, kitchen and meeting room on the right

Building closed in on Dec 3rd. As of the last of January, the two story area and garage behind are insulated and have heat in the floor. Electrical work is in progress with sheet rock soon to follow.