Greenhouses and Giving Hearts

January 25, 2022

Greenhouse in the snow....

It all began with the mention of available grants from the soil conservation office to put up greenhouses. A year and a half ago we inquired and applied. 6 months later, we found out we were awarded a grant! To satisfy the grant requirements it is required that we have the main frame of the greenhouse build by July 22, 2022.

We had always envisioned a greenhouse at Fathers Farm to grow our own food, sell to the community and to provide learning and work opportunities. As we were planning and dreaming this winter about what this greenhouse should look like, we came across Greenhouse in the Snow.

Greenhouse in the Snow is a creative design with many advantages:

  • Longer growing season than any other greenhouse
  • Energy efficient because it is in the ground, is covered with Lexan Glazing and is insulated on back and side walls
  • Wind resistant because it is a low profile, not boxy, no poly
  • Long life-span because of steel frame
  • Low maintenance
  • Geo-Air system gives the possibility of wintering over many crops and year-round production of cold weather crops

Check out Greenhouse in the Snow at

Many videos can also be found on YouTube of this design under Citrus in the Snow or Greenhouse in the Snow.

Fathers Farm is partnering with Giving Hearts Day on February 10th to raise the remaining funds needed to complete this project.

Here is the cost estimate for this project:

  • Frame Kit including Fans  (size of 17x72)                                                   $14,484
  • Foundation, insulation, wiring, and misc items                                           $ 8,000
  • Total Cost estimate is $22,484

After the Grant from the Soil Conservation of $4,418, Fathers Farm has the goal of raising the remaining $18,066 through Giving Hearts Day.

Fathers Farm also has a matching grant from several partners of $10,500 for all money raised on Giving Heart Day!

Would you join us in matching this $10,500, to provide work opportunities and the privilege of growing their own food for the men of Fathers Farm?

Give by:

  • Online with Giving Hearts Button below
  • By check written to "Fathers Farm", dated February 10, 2022, Memo: Giving Hearts Day, mailed to: Fathers Farm 4440 78th St NE  Wolford ND 58385. Must be received by February 10, 2022 to qualify for Giving Hearts Day.

Any funds given beyond the need of this project will go to Fathers Farm general fund to:

                                                                                                    prepare men to thrive in a broken world.

Give through Giving Hearts Day Here!